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Lets exercise and get happy!

Can i get a WOOHOOOOO?? Lets whoop it up and get happy 

Want to be in a better mental health state? Health Wise Chiropractic may have the answers! 

A 2018 study reviewed over 500 000 people from a wide range of ages and from different ethnic and socioeconomic groups. 

It found that there was a strong link from exercise to being happier. 

Too hard pile? I challenge you as the study found that as little as 10 minutes a week was linked to being happier.  Of course those that worked out 30 minutes a day showed the greatest benefit. 

The exercise involved aerobic exercise and stretching/balancing exercises. 

Another study of over a million men and woman found that those who has the lowest level of fitness had a 76% increase in the likelihood that they would be diagnosed with depression. 

Another 2018 study found that people who did weight training had fewer symptoms of depression. The frequency and the amount of weight training did not matter. 


Undo It!

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