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Payment Options and Promotions 

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30 Minute massage Health Wise Chiropractic
45 Minute massage Health Wise Chiropractic
60 Minute massage Health Wise Chiropractic
90 Minute massage Health Wise Chiropractic

Massage Service 

Available Booking times 🎊

Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5.30 pm (Not available on public holidays)

In these massage sessions, you can receive 🤩

✅ Soft Tissue Massage
✅ Hot Stone Massage

✅ Essential Oil Massage

❌If you would like cupping, dry needling, and a Chiropractic Adjustment please book under Massage with Chiropractic Adjustment


Our every day affordable prices are:

30 Minutes- $58

45 Minutes -$78

60 Minutes -$98

90 Minutes -$138


ADD ESSENTIAL OILS! No extra cost - Here's a list of different types and what they can be helpful for!

🌼Bergamot Oil

🌼 Skin Care: 

🌼 Calm Blend

🌼 Cedarwood Atlas Oil

🌼 Chamomile roman oil

🌼 Clary Sage oil

🌼 Geranium Oil

🌼 Star Anise Oil

🌼Carrot Seed Oil

🌼 Cinnamon Bar

🌼 Frankincense

🌼 Happy Blend

🌼 May Chang

🌼 Nutmeg

🌼 Patchouli 

🌼 Tangerine Oil

Department of Veteran Affairs 

Depending on whether your a white card or a gold card recipient, you need to get a referral from your treating G.P 

If you have a gold card,DVA will pay for chiropractic services, available through DVA arrangements, to meet your clinical needs.

If you have a white card, DVA will pay for chiropractic services if they are required for an accepted war or service caused injury or disease, provided under DVA arrangements.

Both card entitle you to free sessions to the Chiropractor 

Please note: From October 1st 2019, you will need to go to the G.P every 12th visit to the Chiropractor to continue recievng the Chiropractic sessions due to new department regulations. 

Medicare Bulk Billing - Gap Free Chiropractic Care 

For Medicare Bulk Billing 
You need to visit the G.P to see if you are eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care Program. If you are, they will give you a EPC form which you bring in to redeem your 5 Bulk Billed sessions 

You will not have to pay a gap for your Medicare Bulk Billed session. All 5 Sessions are Free (saving up to  275.5 each year)

As long as your medicare plan is up to date with your G.P your plan should last 2 years and there is no need to get a new plan each year 

Work Cover and TAC - Gap Free Chiropractic Care 

If you are currently under either work cover or Tac, all you need to do is get the relevant case information and your case number and we invoice the relevant department 

​You don't have to pay a gap, just simply come and get adjusted and start getting healthy! Free Chiropractic Sessions for as long as your claim enables you

HCF no gap 1st visit

Thanks to the HCF more for backs program, you can enjoy no gap on your 1st visit at Health Wise Chiropractic 

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