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Sponsorship and Chairty Work

At Health Wise Chiropractic we love helping people in our community. There are many ways we give back including having pro bono patients as well as local sponsorships. 

Here are some of the things we do to help our communities in Sunbury, Bundoora and surrounding areas achieve their goals! 

Sponsorship at Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury and Melton (Strathtulloh)
Health Wise Chiropractic Christmas Charity

Every December, we know our patients love the idea of getting our team presents, but instead we encourage you to donate toys and food to our Salvation Army present drive! 

A great local choir who always donate time and effort to bring joy to the local community in Gisborne and surrounding Suburbs 

Health Wise Chiropractic Sponsors the Gisborne Singers
Health Wise Chiropractic Sponsors SunFest

Our firefighters work tirelessly to protect our nature and homes. We sponsor the local Torch light relay at Sunset every March in Sunbury 

We have a collection tin at our clinics to collect money for our local Scouts. Feel free to donate those spare coins and every cent counts in helping our scouts help the community ! 

Health Wise Chiropactic Sponsors The Scouts
Health Wise Chiropractic Sponsors Local Charities

We often have many local schools, gymnastics and local orgnasiations raise money at our clinics with food drives.

Mostly these are only 1 dollar and are a great way to raise money. 

If you would like to raise money this way, please let our team know. 

Thank you to ALL of Dr Julians patients that came into the clinic in January to help with his bushfire relief fundraiser 

Dr Julian donated $1 from each adjustment and $2 from every massage! 

Dr Julian was able to raise over $350 for the fundraiser! 

Health Wise Chiropractic Bushfire Relief Sunbury and Bundoora
Covid 19 Free Chiropractic Care Health Wise Chiropractic

We have had the joy of adjusting and massaging our patients for over 10 years! 

Thats why this was a easy choice to waive our fee for those that have lost their job or been stood down due to the COVID 19 pandemic 

When you book online their is a special appointment type created for you and your family 

Monthly Charity Competition !

We have been giving back to our local community for over 10 years 

Starting 2021 we are EXPANDING our program and doing the following 

Each month we will spotlight 2 charities, and every time a patient has a session, they get to vote on which charity they want to donate to 

1st prize- $100 to the winning charity 

2nd prize- $50 to the winning charity 

The List Of Charities we will be supporting are:


Life Savers Australia 

Save A Dog Foundation 


RED FEB- Heart Foundation 

World Cancer day 


Clean Up Australia da 

Earth Hour - WWF Australia 


Pet Medical Crisis 

300 Blanket Inc 


Asthma Day 

MS Australia 


Motor Neuro Day- Parkinsons 

Raising Literacy Australia 


JulEYE - Vision Australia 



Homeless week- Back Pack bed for Homes 


Womans Health Week- Mummys Wish 

R U Ok Foundation for Suicide Prevention day 


Arthritis Day 


Diabetes Day 

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