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Payment Options and Promotions 

Workcover Chiropractic TAC Chiropractic treatment NO GAP Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury

TAC and Work Cover Claims 

How to claim Chiropractic care 


You have just had a car accident or a workplace incident, no doubt you are in pain and discomfort, and can't move properly. 

We are here with you on your journey back to better health 

We want you to feel 

Less pain 

Improved functionality 

Better posture 

Able to do the activities you could do before the accident 

Do I need a GP referral to use TAC and Workcover 

No, you can book online or call us directly to make an appointment 

Do I need a claim with TAC / Workcover?


Before we can offer our hospitality and chiropractic care, we need a claim number, date of accident and your patient details 

from there, our team will contact your claims officer and we will process your treatment costs directly . 

Do I have to pay for my Chiropractic care if going through TAC / Workcover?


Health Wise Chiropractic in Sunbury and Melton(Strathtulloh) choose to not make our patients pay the gap. 

If you would like to Combine your Chiropractic and Massage into one session like so many of our patients do, please speak to our team about split billing. 

Bulk Billing Medicare, Gap Free DVA, TAC and Worksafe/Workcover

Terms and Conditions for Wellness Memberships.

  • Department of Veteran Affairs patients must bring a copy of their gold card or white card so our team can note their details and what condition they can treat ( gold cards do not need to have a specific condition) 

  • Medicare- Patients must bring an EPC/CDM form from the G.P. The Bulk billed session is for a New Patient consultation or Standard Consultation. For other sessions, the patient will have to pay a gap, due on the day. 

  • TAC- Workcover- The patient will need to provide staff with the claim number, client liaison contact and how many sessions they are approved for. Gap-free sessions are for New patients and standard consultations. Other sessions are available but a gap will have to be paid on the day. 

  • Missed appointment, Late Cancellation- The patient will still be subject to a fee which is payable to the team. An email will be sent on the day informing the patient of a missed appointment, the fee and a link to rebook. 

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