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What is Dry Needling

Dry Needling at Health Wise CHiropractic

Dry Needling uses single use needles (the same as a acupuncture needle) to insert into muscles to assist with the release of myofascial trigger points. 

Dry needling can help with decreasing pain, improving range of motion and function of the muscle 

What causes the myofascial trigger points: 

-Injury- from car accidents, sport incidents and falls

-Unexpected movements 

-Quick Movements- Twisting the body wuickly to avoid or look at something 

-Change in regular activity. Dr Julian always is busy on a monday after weekend warriors doing a years worth of gardening or spring cleaning :P 

-Sustained postures. Prolonged sitting, study ( thats right students you have a right to whinge)

-Nerve impingement 


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