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How muscle strength activities could reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and mortality

Current epidemiologic evidence suggests that engagement in muscle-strengthening activities over 1–2 sessions (or approximately 60–150 min) per week was associated with

-reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (seven studies; approximately 20%–25% reduction),

-type 2 diabetes (four studies; approximately 30% reduction),

-cancer mortality (four studies; approximately 15%–20% reduction)

-as well as all-cause mortality (six studies; approximately 20%–25% reduction).

For diabetes, the risk appears to lower further with even higher levels of muscle-strengthening activities, but some studies for cardiovascular and all-cause mortality suggest a reversal whereby higher levels (≥2.5 h/week) have less benefit, or are even harmful, relative to lower levels of activity. The likely mechanisms contributing to a benefit include improvement in body composition, lipid profile, insulin resistance and inflammation. The evidence supports engaging in 1–2 sessions (up to 2.5 h) per week, preferably performed complementary to the recommended levels of aerobic MVPA.

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Citation -Muscle-strengthening activities and risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and mortality: A review of prospective cohort studies

Edward L. Giovannucci,Leandro F. M. Rezende,Dong Hoon Lee

First published: 13 June 2021 https://doi.org/10.1111/joim.13344

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