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What Are The Best Muscles For Dry Needling?

What is dry needling?

We use acupuncture needles to help release muscle tension and pressure. 

Most commonly in my patients, i leave the needle in for around 5 to 15 minutes depending on the extent of the muscle complaint and how responsive the patient is to the treatment. 

When the needle is inserted into the muscle there are several reactions that occur to heal the body, including: 

1. Reseting the tight muscle back to a normal resting length. 

2. Improve blood flow.

3. Decrease pain and release neurotransmitters. 

4. Improve Movement

The best muscles that respond to dry needling are:

Deltoids- A common cause of shoulder pain, and great for people that do a lot of push ups and heavy over head weights. 

Latissimus Dorsi- Can cause shoulder pain and back pain.

TFL-ITB- When this muscle becomes tight, it can cause knee pain

Glut Muscles- dysfunctional glut muscles can cause lower back pain , hip pain and knee pain. 

Gastroc/Soleus muscles- My personal favourite as these are really sore to work on when i treat patients bu nthe needles are really effective in relaxing the muscles 

Upper Trapezius- Common sore muscle that leads to poor posture, prolonged stress and can be very painful 

Infraspinatus- This muscle often gets weak and overloaded when we use are arm and shoulder a lot. 

Wrist extensor- Tennis elbow relief 

Temporalis- great for tension and general headaches. 

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