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Health Wise Chiropractic Could Help Your Migraines

What is a Migraine?

More likely in my female patients, usually there is pain on one side of the head and is more like a throbbing headache. 

Before the headache, there is usually a blind spot (scotoma) surrounded by flashing lights (scintillation). Patients unfortunately usually have this for around half an hour and then a headache occurs that can last for several days. 

You may find relief in a dark, quiet environment and there can be some nausea with vomiting during the migraine episode. 

What is the cause?

This unfortunately is not a simple answer as the most common belief of being vascular in origin, only accounts for around 1 in 10 of patients. 

Other causes are:

- Vascular inflammation that irritates nerves ( meningeal nerve fibres) 

- lowering of the pain threshold occurs which means normal stimuli may cause pain. 

- Corticol depression occurs which leads to decreased cerebral blood flow that can last for several hours 

- Upper spinal nerves have misinterpretation of the pain due to a trigeminal afferent input. This is what can lead to the headache.

How Health Wise Chiropractic Can Help 

We have multiple treatment offers at our office. Chiropractic Adjustments, Dry needling, massage all have research supporting the benefits. 

Nutritional support can include Calcium, Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids as well as magnesium before menses may prevent some woman menstrual migraines. 

You may also want to talk to your G.P about some medications that can help.  

If you want more information. Please call Health Wise Chiropractic 03 9467 7889 or book online to see one of our Chiropractors in Sunbury or Bundoora Today!

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