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Get Abs and keep them all year round with these tips.

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Get Abs and keep them all year round with these tips.

1-Crunches. Make sure you do them with no muscle imbalances( weak core, weka hips and back). Speak to our Chiropractors today if you think you may have problems in your muscles and hips. 2- Don’t train them everyday. Instead of doing ab exercises everyday Try a intense work out and help burn fat around the stomach 3- Don’t crash diet. Here’s a tip, when changing your diet the goal is to maintain it 80% of the time. Instead try to reduce your calorie intake by 300-500 calories a day. 4-Be mindful of what you are eating, try to decrease sugar intake and limit too many carbs after 6pm. 5- Change your gym workout every 4-6 weeks. Our bodies adapt so it is good to change our running, interval training and swimming exercises. 6- Stop Drinking alcohol on a regular basis. 7-Meditation to decrease stress. Chronic stress has regularly been linked to higher levels of obesity. 8- Don’t only do low intensity steady cardio. 9-Don’t work out 7 days a week. Working out is stressful on the body, but you should always have a day off for your muscles to recover.

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