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Whats the difference between acute and chronic inflammation?

No doubt you have heard me in practice talking about inflammation, usually in regards to your muscles and joints. This article is about Acute (good) inflammation and Chronic (bad) inflammation and how it affects us

Acute inflammation involves 

- Enhanced Immune function- white blood cells are related and neutralise and remove invading organisms 

- Pain- chemicals can stimulate nerve endings so you know there is dysfunction and to avoid certain areas 

- Redness and Heat- blood vessels dilate to enhance healing 

- Sweeling and immobility- damaged cells release chemicals like histamine, bradykinin and prostogladins which allows blood vessels to leak fluid into tissue( thats how the swelling occurs)

- Phagocytosis- these can remove germs and damaged cells , and when phagocytes die pus will from a collection of the dead tissue and the lymphatic system takes care of the rest. 

Chronic Inflammation involves 

- Arteries- injures the lining of the arteries. When the body tries to heal the injuries, more and more tissue is laid down and can lead to atherosclerosis.  This can reduce blow flow to heart and brain. 

- Brain- chronic inflammation and oxidative stress can lead to emotional depression and plaque(amyloid) and nuerofibrillary tangles (tau) in the brain. 

- Joints- Chronic inflammation can lead to arthritis. 

- Pancreas- Chronic inflammation can lead to insulin resistance. 

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