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Iliotibial Band Syndrome and How Chiropractic Can Help

Do you have pain around the outside(lateral) side of the knee.

It could be iliotibial band syndrome (ITB)

The cause of this is believed to be a tight ITB that rubs on the lateral epicondyle of the femur (specifically at knee flexion) 

It is more common in runners and more specifically is noted in a lot of downhill running. There are some studies that show fast runners are less likely to develop ITB problems compared to slower runners (joggers)

How Can Health Wise Chiropractic Help?

Stretch stretch and stretch that ITB and its muscular attachments ! The team at health wise chiropractic will work on the muscle to allow the muscle to heal and relax  and hopefully take some of the pain away. 

Generally we dont adjust the spine for the first 2 weeks to not over stretch the ITB. After the initial phase however, Chiropractors start adjusting the pelvis and work on surrounding muscles to allow better movement to occur. 

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Knee Pain?Could be ITB Syndrome

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