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​How many meals should you have a day?

​How many meals should you have a day?

You are what you eat, so we need to eat well and have the right macronutrients. 

Here are some myths and facts:

1. Eating more smaller meals means FASTER METABOLISM Meal digestion does increase your metabolic rate, BUT when total daily calorie intake is controlled, eating more often will not make a difference for weight loss. 

2.Skipping breakfast is really bad for you.  The science is not in agreeance on this one. Running or exercising on a empty stomach seems fine but only on a low intensity. 

3. If you skip meals you will lose weight  Restricting your calorie intake will slow down your metabolic rate. Your weight loss will naturally slow down once you have less to lose. It does not mean your in starvation mode. Starving yourself with severe caloric restriction could lead to malnutrition and is not advised. 

Consider eating less often if these apply to you: you want to think less about food  you cant lose weight even by restricting calories  you have digestive problems 

Consider eating more often if:  you want to gain weight but you can eat soo many calories in one meal  you have an active job  you are an athlete  you feel hangry ( Dr Julian at 6pm) 

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