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How do you know you found the right Chiropractor

Research looked into what was more cost effective in terms of Chiropractic care and how quick a patient got better

The following characteristics are seen in Chiropractors who have quicker results which lead to patients having to pay less overall for their care.

(1) they lead with evidence-based quality care;

(2) use a comprehensive history and intake process;

(3) apply shared decision making with the patient to identify measurable treatment goals;

(4) address identified biopsychosocial factors;

(5) comprehensive exam;

(6) conservative use of plain film imaging;

(7) active care exercises;

(8) clinic process established for referrals and coordination of care;

(9) home instructions;

(10) patient education to empower self-efficacy; and

(11) wellness and prevention instructions

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original article

Cost comparison of two approaches to chiropractic care for patients with acute and sub-acute low Back pain care episodes: a cohort study

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