• Julian Simpson

Does your gut affect your health and wellbeing?

With rates of obesity increasing and our gut health declining, we need to look after our health and diet more efficiently, to help tackle our emotional and health problems. 

In just 40 years, the rate of obesity has increased from 13% to 35%. Our gut has influence on our basic emotions, our pain sensitivity and our social interactions.

Our gut has its own nervous system , the enteric nervous system, and is made up of 50-100 million nerve cells. 

There is more immune cells in the wall of our gut than circulating in the blood and bone marrow. 

Our brain, gut and microbes in our body actually communicate to each other, and this is how the gut can influence your emotional state. 

The brain influences your gut first, and the signals are generated by your microbes, and thees signals in turn communicate back to the brain, which can reinforce and can prolong the emotional state. 

Recent studies have also begun to directly test the link between gut microbiota and behavioural abnormalities. 

Studies have also found a link between Parkinsons and the gut. The enteric nervous system in the gut appears to undergo nerve degeneration typical of Parkinsons BEFORE the classical Parkinsons symptoms appear. 

Depression is one of the most common disabilities. Studies have shown that 95% of the bodies serotonin is contained in cells in the gut. Furthermore, these cells are influenced by what we eat. You guessed it, the same cells in the gut that are influenced by what we eat are connected to the sensory nerves that relay messages to the brains emotion regulating centre. 


Mind-Gut Connection

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