• Julian Simpson

Could Gluten Cause Headaches?

What is it? Why going gluten free could help your headaches!

Gluten is Latin for... you guessed it glue. 

It is a protein that holds flour together to make bread products. 

Most people probably think gluten is just found in the breads you eat, did you know it is also found in cheese spreads, margarines ( to help give it that nice smooth texture) as well as hair conditioners and volumising mascaras

Gluten is made of two main groups of proteins. Glutenins and Gliadins.

Gluten sensitivity is caused by elevated levels of antibodies against the Gliadin component of gluten. Genes are activated and the inflammatory cytokines chemicals collect and can attack the brain. Elevated Cytokines are seen in Alzheimers, Parkinsons and MS.

Researchers have completed brain scans on people with gluten sensitivity and have shown people who suffer headaches and migraines have abnormal white matter in the brain.

A 2009 article stated that gluten can cause "interference with the body's neural networks" and that "the implication of gluten causing neurologic network damage is immense"

The best thing you could do is go to your G.P and ask about taking a test to see if you are sensitive to Gluten and then try to eliminate gluten to see if that is effective. 

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