• Julian Simpson

Best foods to eat during chemotherapy

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

- Oatmeal- High amounts of protein and antioxidants and beta glucan which is a fiber that feeds the GOOD bacteria in the gut

- Avocado- great when the appetite is low and has plenty of fat and fiber

- Eggs- Helps ease fatigue

- Clear Broth- Helps you stay hydrated and replenished, espeically when water tastes different during chemo

- Almonds and nuts- great for snacks as they contain manganese and copper

- Pumpkin Seeds- another great snack as they contain healthy fats and iron

- Broccoli- contains sulforaphane to protect brain health

- White bread and crackers- to help if you have diarrhoea

or nausea . saltines can help restore the sodium lost

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