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10 Ways To Stop Food Cravings

Now we all know Dr Julian loves to eat, but its also important to eat in moderation and to not over indulge. Here are 10 tips to help stop food cravings.

1. Drink water. It may take a couple of minutes, but it can help with the intensity of the craving.

2. Play games. My favourite option considering how much Pokemon Go and Clash Royale i play. A recent study found playing games fro 3 minutes can help with cravings.

3. Drink Coffee. Recent research found that it can help with acute energy intake. Decaffeinated coffee might also help suppress appetitie even more

4. Brush your teeth. This is more of a trick idea as once you brush your teeth after a meal it can trick the brain into thinking the meal is over.

5 .Eat more protein. This can reduce cravings, limit the desire to eat at night and keeps you full longer.

6. Workout. Doing a light walk can help limit cravings 7. Plan your meals. Keep snacking throughout the day and avoid getting to hungry between meals . 8. Sleep. Lack of sleep can affect your appetite and increase cravings.

9. Meditation. Research has found mini meditations prior to eating can limit the need to binge eat.

10. Think about the long term consequences. If you want to achieve a better body by summer, start thinking about that and it can help the cravings.


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