• Julian Simpson

The greatest thing you can do is to make your nervous system our ally instead of our enemy

Even though we are connected with eachother via social media and phones, we are now MORE stressed and MORE lonely than ever. 

A study found that people who spend more than 2 hours a day on social media are twice as likely to feel socially isolated. 

Another study found that since the year 2000 ( roughly when smartphones were available) found the average attention span has DECREASED by a third 

How do we improve this? We need to change our mind to change our genes 

- Researches at harvard found that mediation, alone can change the expression of genes that regulate inflammation, cell death (apoptosis) and oxidataive stress in as little as two weeks. 

How does meditaiton do this?

Meditation causes part of your brain (the left prefrontal cortex) to send inhibitory to your amygdala(which is the emotional part of the brain) 

Another study discusses this further, where people meditated 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks and an increase in brain size (their hippocampus) which lead to memory improvement and a decrease in their amygdala, leading to a reduction in anger and fear. 

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