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Scheuermanns Disease and how Chiropractic Can Help

What is Scheuermanns Disease?

Do you or does your child have a increase hump in their mid back? It Could be Scheuermanns.

- This is when the endplates in three or more vertebrae have not not grown properly in the teen years which is believed to be the cause of the deformity.

- It is important to get X-rays diagnosis as its essential to differentiate bad posture(aka a functional cause) versus Scheuermanns.

How can the team at Health Wise Chiropractic Help?

The chiropractors will evaluate the spine and muscles to see whether its just a functional problem(bad posture) or whether it is Scheuermanns. If the curve is less than 60 degrees, most cases respond to conservative care with Chiropractic which involves postural exercises, hamstring stretches (see below) and adjusting the spine with soft tissue therapy to surrounding muscles.

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Health Wise Chiropractic In Sunbury and Bundoora maybe able to help with Scheuermanns

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