• Julian Simpson

Our Covid 19 Safety Plan

As of 6th of August 2020 there are 3 reason to see anyone face to face

Condition 1: If the allied health practitioner is registered with AHPRA (Chiro, Physio, Podiatry & Acupuncture) you can attend appointments providing you have a condition that would likely change or deteriorate if left untreated escalating the problem. There is no need for GP referrals.


Condition 2: The service we provide is required to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people (Definition of vulnerable is “able to be easily hurt ~ physically/emotionally/mentally”)


Condition 3: For health services NOT governed by AHPRA, (therapeutic massage, myotherapy & colonics) a referral from a medical practitioner is required

Here is our Covid Safe Plan



Provide and promote hand sanitiser stations for use on entering building and other locations in the worksite and ensure adequate supplies of hand soap and paper towels are available for staff.

Sanitiser station for use upon entry and exit.Sanitiser at workstations

Other sanitiser through out clinic to ensure readily available

Station checked each two hours, refilled as needed.

Hand soap and paper towel at sink.

Laminated handwashing poster in bathroom and at sink

Laminated hand washing poster in a clear and obvious place at front door.

Conditions of entry are displayed (website, social media, entry points)

Where possible: enhance airflow by opening windows and adjusting air conditioning.

Airconditioner runs at all times to refresh air. Filter cleaning schedule developed and implemented.

In areas or workplaces where it is required, ensure all staff wear a face covering and/or required PPE, unless a lawful exception applies. Ensure adequate face coverings and PPE are available to staff that do not have their own.

Staff have been trained on how and why to wear PPE.

Stock readily available and used.

Extra supplies to ensure extra for patients/clients

Provide training to staff on the correct use and disposal of face coverings and PPE, and on good hygiene practices and slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Staff have completed training. Online. NHHI Handwashing and Infection Control Covid 19

Ongoing keeping up to date and informed. For example Information re mask use.

Staff have been provided individually with written instructions related to COVID-19, covering:

- personal hygiene (handwashing, cough etiquette)

- physical distancing

- cleaning of workstations and communal areas

- symptoms of concern and when to get tested

Frequent updates are sent to staff via Manager communications and weekly Cliniko message board

Each patient has informal education when the attend session and by use of social media.

Replace high-touch communal items with alternatives.

Clinic has had decorative items removed. Magazines removed. Toys removed.

Communal refreshments and water station is removed

EFTPOS is contactless. Payments are only accepted via tap and go. Health receipts no longer getting signed off by client/patient

Front door adjusted to be foot controlled.

Seating arranged to maximise distancing. Boxes in use to hold any client/patient personal item eg wallet/phone (cleaned after use) to minimise these items being put down around the clinic.

Boxes in use to hold any client/patient personal item eg wallet/phone (cleaned after use) to minimise these items being put down around the clinic.


Increase environmental cleaning (including between changes of staff), ensure high touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly (at least twice daily).

Cleaning and disinfecting in accordance with guidance from Safe Work Australia and public health authority.

Frequently touched surfaces including counters, doors, phones, keyboards and EFTPOS facilities are regularly cleaned. Task sheet in place.

Procedures in place and documented.

Equipment and adjusting tables are wiped clean with surface wipes after each use.

Clients/patients are requested not to touch items around clinic.

Front door modified to be opened by foot controller

All equipment is sanitised after every use.

Ensure adequate supplies of cleaning products, including detergent and disinfectant.

Cleaning and disinfecting are done in accordance with guidance from Safe Work Australia and Health authorities

Frequently touched surfaces have all been identified for regular cleaning. Staff instructed on how to clean own personal property brought into work eg keys, phone.

Cleaning task sheet in place.

Documented processes in place

Guidelines for cleaning by Surface from Safe Work Australia has been adapted for use on site to specifically out line which products we use. MSD available

Bulk purchase of stock completed.

Inventory checklist developed.

Physical distancing and limiting workplace attendance

Ensure that all staff that can work from home, do work from home.


Establish a system that ensures staff members are not working across multiple settings/work sites.


Establish a system to screen employees and visitors before accessing the workplace. Employers cannot require employees to work when unwell.

Educate and inform: Consulted with staff and completed training Educate each client/patient

The business website includes a prominent banner with COVID-19 information about service access

Vic State Govt. Staff have read and signed off the checklist.

Temperature checking

On arrival patents/clients are asked screening questions.

Appointment session times are kept to a minimum. Appointments are spaced and timed to ensure minimal, if any, patient cross over and that there is time to clean and sanitise. Clients/patients are advised not to bring family or friends to appointment. They are advised to stay in their car if they arrive early and not to come into clinic.

Chiropractic technique modified to ensure minimum face to face care (adjustments in prone position are used as much as is practical).

Before treatment eg at greeting/ reception client/patient is verbally screened to check they have no Covid19 symptoms/risks. They are to wash hands.

Staff, clients/patients encouraged to download COVIDsafe App.

Configure communal work areas so that there is no more than one worker per four square meters of enclosed workspace, and employees are spaced at least 1.5m apart. Also consider installing screens or barriers.

At reception a transparent barrier has been installed

Moved chiro tables, desks and chairs further apart to comply with social distancing

Use floor markings to provide minimum physical distancing guides between workstations or areas that are likely to create a congregation of staff.

markers to stick to the floor have been installed

Maximum capacity has been calculated for each space

Modify the alignment of workstations so that employees do not face one another.

Staff have own assigned workstations. Each workstation is provided with appropriate cleaning products, and staff instructed to clean the desk etc

Minimise the build up of employees waiting to enter and exit the workplace.

Clinic only has two staff. Chiropractor and Receptionist so N/A

Starting times are staggered

Provide training to staff on physical distancing expectations while working and socialising (e.g. during lunchbreaks).

Provided staff with information and training on COVID-19, including when to get tested, physical distancing and cleaning.

Review delivery protocols to limit contact between delivery drivers and staff.

Deliveries are kept to a minimum and are arranged to be contactless

Stock levels increased to ensure availability and less deliveries then required.

Review and update work rosters and timetables where possible to ensure temporal as well as physical distancing.

Information is sent out on the electronic communication system Cliniko via its dashboard.

Where staff meetings are required, they are held over the phone and information sent by email/ cliniko dashboard communication system where possible.

Where relevant, ensure clear and visible signage in areas that are open to the general public that specifies maximum occupancy of that space, as determined by the ‘four square metre’ rule.

put up physical distancing posters in plain sight

consulted with staff

Educate each client/patient and Inform via regular social media updates what the expectations and requirements are.