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Muscle Sprain In The Hip and Groin

There are so many hip and thighs muscles but we will focus on a few to show how you can help treat and prevent the muscles from re spraining. 

Adductor Sprain 

Most of my patients are usually in sports where there are kicking, sprinting or jumping (like high jumps or hurdles) 

You may experience a sudden pulling sensation in the groin and usually makes you stop the activity that you are doing due to the pain and limitation in movement. 

Most of the pain is around the pubic attachment.

How Health Wise Chiropractic Can Help:

- stretching and muscle therapy along with chiropractic adjustments around the hip and pubic symphysis is usually performed. 

- taping in a figure of 8 may also be applied to help with walking. 

Hamstring Strain 

Done a lot of gardening over the weekend? played golf for the first time in yonker donkers? My weekend warrior patients are usually the ones who get problems with the hamstring. 

Pain is often more distal in the muscle belly and treatment is often the following :

- rest, ice for the first week is often recommended 

The Chiropractors will ensure both the hamstrings and quadriceps are functioning properly to make sure one does not overcompensate for the other. 

Quadriceps Strain 

Do you have pulling pain the the anterior tight? Was it after a sprint , kick or suddenly stoped? It could have been a quadriceps strain 

people more likely to have a quadriceps strain are people with a leg length difference or an imbalance between the quadriceps of the opposite leg. 

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