• Julian Simpson

Lets Talk about the brain and how your diet could be damaging the brain!

Thomas Edison once famously said the chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.

Some interesting facts about the brain are

It weighs approximately 3 pounds 

has one hundred thousand miles of blood vessels 

contains MORE connections than there are stars in the milky way

is the fattest organ in the body 

In this post, we draw from the book Grain Brain, to talk about the importance of nutrients and brain function 

To start, lets inform you that glucose is the major source of energy for most cells. The body can manufacture glucose from fat or proteins.

Insulin is essential for cellular metabolism. It moves glucose from the bloodstream into muscle, fat, and liver cells. Once it is deposited there, it can be used as fuel

IF we have too much processed foods, (too much glucose) our cells adapt and cells desensitise themselves to insulin, then insulin resistance occurs. This leads to cells ignoring the insulin and fail to retrieve glucose from the blood. The pancreas is then forced to produce more insulin and people then develop type 2 diabetes. 

This can lead to high blood sugar and leads to toxic levels in the bloodstream leading to blindness, infections, nerve damage, heart disease and Alzheimers. From a chiropractic point of view, inflammation runs rampant in the body leading to a lot of muscle problems 

Researchers here in Australia have also shown that people who have high blood sugar are at a much greater risk of brain shrinkage. Specifically, the loss of brain volume was in regions involved in memory and cognitive skills.

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