• Julian Simpson

Is your brain health linked to the size of your waist?

Visceral Fat is the fat that is wrapped around our internal 'visceral" organs like the river, pancreas, heart and intestines. 

Visceral fat is able to trigger the inflammatory pathways in the body and can cause signalling molecules that can disrupt the body normal course of hormonal actions. 

As stated in pervious health blogs, excessive body fat increases insulin resistance, but also the production of inflammatory chemicals that can lead to brain degeneration. 

A 2005 study compared waist to hip ratios of more than 100 individuals. The larger the persons waist to hip ratio, the smaller the brains memory centre(the hippocampus)

Another study looked at brain images of individuals in their 60s and 70s. They found that individuals who had a body mass index of over 30, had brains 16 years older than people who had a healthy weight. 


A study involved people who where over weight and had insulin problems 

Those after a year of only dieting had a 70% increase in insulin sensitivity. Those who dieted and exercised had 86% increase in insulin sensitivity 

A low carb high fat diet is always recommended over a low fat high carb diet. 

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