• Julian Simpson

Do you have pain or pins and needles in the little finger?

Everyone talks about carpal tunnel syndrome which affects the thumb side of the wrist, but what could be that cause of pins and needles and/or pain on the little finger side of the wrist?

There could be a couple of syndromes, Cubital Tunnel syndrome or Tunnel of Guyon problems. 

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome 

- my patients usually complain of pain in medical forearm pain and pins and needles into the ring and the little finger. Usually people that do sport with throwing activities are more likely to suffer from this. 

- upon evaluation the chiropractor will often check the elbow in different flexed position.

Tunnel of Guyon 

- Again this is where patients come in complaining of numb or tingling sensations in the little finger and adjacent finger. 

- Often caused by compression of the ulnar nerve ( thats the main difference between this and carpal tunnel as that is compression of the median nerve)

- The main types of people are ones with handlebar compression with cyclists. 

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