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Different Elbow Pains and how Chiropractic Can Help

There are three main reasons for elbow pain 

Tennis elbow 

This is pain at the lateral epicondyle and can have pain that radiates down the extensor forearm. 

pain is often worse when doing twsting/screwing activities like turning on taps and turning door handles 

Golfers Elbow 

this is pain on the medial epicondyle and can radiate to the flexor side of the forearm 

pain is often worse with gripping actives 

Olecranon bursitis 

Pain behind the elbow and often results with pain swelling 

How can Health Wise Chiropractic help 

Often we treat the site of the pain at the elbow as well as optimising the nervous system.  We mostly focus on the lower neck and mid back as these sites often refer out to the elbow. 

Always avoid foods with loads of sugar as sugar aids the inflammation process and delays the healing process in the muscles.

Want more information ? Feel free to contact the team at Health Wise Chiropractic 03 94677889 or book online today! 

Health Wise Chiropractic In Sunbury and Bundoora Could Help Your Elbow Pain

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