• Julian Simpson

Cupping: The Physiological Response- How it can help

There are three things that usually occur and we will discuss them briefly : 

1. Negative Pressure 

- the pressure created by the cups creates a pulling action, which allows the separation of fused or adhered tissue.  Any tissue that is not functioning, inhibits optimal functioning 

- Tissue that is not functioning is usually due to dehydration, chronic inflammation or doing repetitive motion (from work, sport etc)

- cupping can help by drawing out any interstitial debris stuck in the connective tissue. 

2. Vasodilation 

- this is when widening of the blood vessels occurs and occurs when the muscle tissue is relaxed. 

- cupping helps release vaso-constricitng chemicals(like histamines) and then the lumen of the blood vessels start to dilate.

3. Enhanced Fluid Exchange 

- Capillaries have various fluid exchange processes ,like diffusion and filtration, and these processes allow nutrient rich fluids to feed cells whilst removing waste materials. 

- Cupping pulls blood into dehydrated, malnourished tissues.

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