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Identifying Common Triggers for Tension-Type Headaches: Tips for Pain Relief

Identifying Common Triggers for Tension-Type Headaches: Tips for Pain Relief

With headaches being one of the biggest causes of disability, our Chiropractic clinics are always filled with patients needing care to help relieve their muscle and joint dysfunction and to help with their headaches

Here is what research in 2022 found where TRIGGERS to cause tension type headaches , so you can try to avoid these between Chiropractic treatments.

  1. Emotional stress

  2. sunlight

  3. sleep deprivation

  4. insomnia

  5. noise

  6. weather change

  7. studying

  8. friend food

  9. hypersonia

over 90% of patients are found to have triggers leading to their tension type headaches!

If you want more information about how we can help . Please call Health Wise Chiropractic 03 9467 7889 or book online to see one of our Chiropractors in Sunbury or Melton/Strathtulloh Today!

Chiropractic has moved online. We offer our online programs -STAND CORRECTED- To help you through the day. They contain health advice for your conditions, nutritional advice and exercises for you to do at home or at the workplace to help you achieve your health goals. We understand that coming to the Chiropractic clinic maybe costly and time consuming. This way if you cant make it into the chiropractic office, you can do any of our 20+ online health programs at your leisure.

Enjoy and we hope they spark a little bit of joy and help you achieve your health goals. Each program contains - Information about the conditions - things to do and things to avoid - nutrition advice - all the stretches that are needed to help The following conditions are now available for online sessions

  • migraine

  • cervicogenic headaches

  • cervical facet neck pain

  • tension headaches

  • cervical radiculopathy (pins and needles in the arm originating from the neck)

  • shoulder impingement relief

  • thoracic outlet syndrome

  • frozen shoulder

  • rotator cuff

  • chronic lumbar (Low Back) disc pain

  • acute Lumbar(low back) disc pain

  • Lumbar facet pain

  • sciatica and piriformis syndrome

  • meniscus (knee pain)

  • Plantar fasciitis (Foot Pain)

  • Shin Splints

  • Tennis Elbow/Golfers elbow

  • Carpal tunnel Syndrome

  • Upper Crossed Syndrome( Poor Posture)

  • Lower Crossed Syndrome ( Poor Posture)

  • Dizziness-Vertigo

  • Arthritis

  • Welcome To Chiropractic

  • TMJ (Jaw Pain)


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A Study on Prevalence of Trigger Factors and Associated Disorders in Tension-type Headache

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