• Julian Simpson

Could your constant pain be central sensitisation?

Do you have

- Unremitting and constant pain 

- Widespread pain 

- Is the pain unresponsive to anti inflammatories like Nurofen

- Night pain and or disturbed sleep 

Research shows that patients presenting with low back pain and whiplash disorders can develop into chronic widespread pain nearly 1 in 4 times. 

Risk factors can be 


-Longer duration of pain

-Anxiety and depression 

Chiropractic therapy, can it help?

Manual therapists aim to decrease muscle tension and increase joint range of motion to relieve the musculoskeletal pain 

As chronic low back pain is associated with altered spinal and cortical pain processing, Some studies are finding that chiropractic adjustments to the spine has temporal activation of antinoceiceptive pathways.  It can also reduce the widespread hypoalgesic effects. 

Exercise has shown to trigger peripheral and central processes like the pituitary and hypothalamus to enable analgesic effects. 


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