• Julian Simpson

Are you having too much protein?


More than half the population is eating TOO MUCH protein! 

you only need 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day 

What is protein good for?

Protein is essential for tissue growth and repair digestion, metabolism and the production of antibodies to fight off those horrible infections. 

Of the 22 amino acids in the body, the body can make 13 and the other 9 essential amino acids must be supplied by the diet. 

Examples of meals you could eat to get your complete essential amino acid supply are: 

- rice and beans 

- tacos with beans 

- tofu with rice 

- barely and lentils

- pasta with beans

Want to help with heart disease ? 

The only diet,  to date, that has been scientifically proven to reverse heart disease is a whole foods, plant based diet low in fat and refined carbs. 

in a study of over 130 000 men and woman, animal protein intake was associated with higher premature mortality from all cause, Plant protein however was associated with lower mortality. 

another study high in animal protein was associated with:

-75% increase in overall mortality 

- 400% increase in cancer deaths 

- 500% increase in type 2 diabetes 

whereas a diet in plant based proteins had a reduced risk in all 3 categories. 

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