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Health Wise Chiropractic Located in Sunbury & Melton(Strathtulloh)
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Specialising in combining Chiropractic care with Massage therapy 
Health Wise Chiropractic Located In Sunbury & Melton - HealthWise

Meet The Team


Questions About How Chiropractic Can Help Your Spinal Hygiene? 

Great! We Strive To Have The Answers.

WHo we are 

The Posture Police 

Correcting posture = Less of the following 


Low Back Pain 

Shoulder Pain 

Neck Pain 

Our WHy 

We wants Australians to have the best spinal hygiene.

Optimal Spine=Optimal Spinal hygiene

We are achieving this by combining exceptional Chiropractic Care with Massage Care 

Our Commitment 

We are fixing Australia's Spinal Hygiene by correcting bad posture.

80% of Australians will experience low back pain at some point.

We can help you.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Julian Simpson (Chiropractor) Located in Sunbury and Melton(Starthtulloh)

Dr Julian Simpson 

Our Chiropractor and Disney Enthusiast 

If Dr J is not talking about his love for Chiropractic , hes probably googling flight deals to Disneyland. 

Denise Gibbs our receptionist at Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury and Melton (Strathtulloh)

Denise Gibbs

Our Receptionist  & Reiki/Crystal Queen 

The rumours are true, she would like to talk to you about Stevie Nicks All day.

Welcome Dr Daniel to Health Wise Chiropractic

Dr. Daniel William

Dr Dan has joined the team and ready for 2024!

Dr Dan is a keen on doing his bouldering and ready to help patients with their sporting injuries. 

Clinic Updates

April Updates 🥳 

Anzac Day Closed health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury Strathtulloh melton .png

Anzac Day 

Monday 9.30 until 7.00 pm

Tuesday 9.30 until 8.00pm

Wednesday 9.30 until 7.00 pm

Thursday is Closed for Anzac Day 

Friday 9.30 until 7.00pm

Saturday 8.00 Until Lunch 

New Patient Promotion Health Wise Chiropractic

New Patients Promotion

To celebrate Dr Daniel joining our team. 

New Patients only Pay $57 For their Treatment 

Limited to the first 20 lucky patients. 

Only 2 Spots Left  at this promotional price!

Download the app 2024 health wise app

We Have An App!

Download the App to make your life easier 

- Access to Stand Corrected. Your access to your online stretches and advice 

- Access to Online Bookings 

-Direct Message Staff 

- Access to over 450 Health Blog Posts

6 Most Common Reasons People Come To Health Wise Chiropractic

Neck Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near me

Neck Pain 

Neck Pain is responsible for workers missing on average 11 days of work a year. 

Neck pain is associated with Headaches, dizziness, anxiety and depression

Low Back Pain relief- Chiropractor Near Me

Low Back Pain

The number one reason for EARLY retirement in Australia - LOW BACK PAIN

80% of Australians will experience low back pain at some point in their life. 

We are here with you and ready to help 

Shoulder Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near Me

Shoulder Pain 

1 in 4 of us will experience shoulder pain in our lifetime. 

It is commonly associated with the muscles of the rotator cuff

One of the main risk factors is sedentary occupations like computer work. 

Bad Posture Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near Me

Bad Posture 

The 5 most common causes of poor posture are 

1. Occupation- overuse of phones and computers etc. 

2. Muscle Tension 

3. Injury 

4. Poor footwear 

5. Weight

Sciatica Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near Me


Nearly 1 in 2 people will have Sciatica at some point in their life 

With Sciatica, it comes from the middle of the lower back and can often be accompanied by low back pain

Headache Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near Me


Nearly 3 in 4 people last year experienced a headache. 

Migraines are shared by 1 in 3 of those who had headaches. 

The cost to Australians each year is over 35 Billion. 

Why Patients Recommend Us

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