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Abot-kayang Mga Plano sa Pangangalaga Para sa Chiropractic

Rewards Program 2023

So How does it all work 

When you reach 10 points, we email you with the good news that you have received $20 off your next session for the month.

Then when you book online let the team know you are using your points 

How To Get Points 

We love being leaders in posture correction and delivering health care differently, now we are delivering on our promise to go further and provide more benefits to you and your family

- 1 point received for every Chiropractic / Massage session

- 2 points for liking our Facebook/Instagram page

- 4 points for a Google review

- 4 points for downloading our mobile app

- 6 points for every new patient referral booked in

Rewards Program 

Terms and Conditions 


- Points do not expire 

- Points are counted for Chiropractic adjustments and Massages 

- Points are not counted for wellness membership visits 

- Points are not counted for  Gap Free sessions including Pro Bono, Bulk Billed, Tac, Workcover, DVA, and any other promotional price. 

  • once you have accumulated enough points, our team will email you a voucher and the voucher is valid for 30 days.


For more information, go to :

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