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Patarosan Ngeunaan Kumaha Chiropractic Bisa Ngabantosan Kabersihan Tulang tonggong anjeun?


Hebat! Urang narékahan Pikeun Boga Jawaban.

WHo we are 

Who WE are

The Posture Police 

Correcting posture = Less of the following 


Low Back Pain 

Shoulder Pain 

Neck Pain 

Our WHy 

Kami hoyong urang Australia ngagaduhan kabersihan tulang tonggong pangsaéna.

Tulang tonggong optimal = Kabersihan tulang tonggong optimal

Kami ngahontal ieu ku ngagabungkeun Perawatan Chiropractic anu luar biasa sareng Perawatan Pijat

Our Commitment 

Kami ngalereskeun Kabersihan Tulang Belakang Australia ku ngabenerkeun sikep anu goréng.

80% urang Australia bakal ngalaman nyeri deui low di sawatara titik.

Urang tiasa ngabantosan anjeun.

Seven O'Clock

Open 6 Days 

Open Door Sign

Appointments until 8.00pm


On the spot health insurance claims


Multiple Drs

Osteopath at Work


Massage Oil


Dry Needling at Health Wise CHiropractic Sunbury.jpg

Dry Needling

Meet The Team

Dr. Julian Simpson (Chiropractor) Located in Sunbury and Melton(Starthtulloh)

Dr Julian Simpson 

Our Chiropractor and Disney Enthusiast 

If Dr J is not talking about his love for Chiropractic , hes probably googling flight deals to Disneyland. 

Denise Gibbs our receptionist at Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury and Melton (Strathtulloh)

Denise Gibbs

Our Receptionist  & Reiki/Crystal Queen 

The rumours are true, she would like to talk to you about Stevie Nicks All day.

Welcome Dr Daniel to Health Wise Chiropractic

Dr. Daniel William

Dr Dan has joined the team and ready for 2024!

Dr Dan is a keen on doing his bouldering and ready to help patients with their sporting injuries. 

clinic news background

Clinic News


Dr Daniel Hours Health Wise Sunbur

New Extended Hours

Due to popular demand....
We are extending our hours 

Monday to Saturday 

9.30 to 7.00pm 

Saturday Mornings BOTH clinics

New Hours Sunbury Dr Daniel Williams Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy! 

Do you have sore joints and muscles that need better muscle movement and less pain?

Shockwave Therapy maybe for you! 

Shockwave therapy now in Sunbury- Health Wise Chiropractic - benefits of shockwave
Shockwave therapy now in Sunbury- Health Wise Chiropractic
Open Books

Our Latest Health Blogs 

No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

6 Most Common Reasons People Come To Health Wise Chiropractic6 Alesanna Paling Umum Jalma Datang Ka Kaséhatan Wijaksana Chiropractic

Neck Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near me

Neck Pain 

Nyeri beuheung tanggung jawab pikeun pagawé leungit rata-rata 11 dinten damel sataun.

Nyeri beuheung pakait sareng nyeri sirah, pusing, kahariwang sareng depresi

Low Back Pain relief- Chiropractor Near Me

Low Back Pain

The number one reason for EARLY retirement in Australia - LOW BACK PAIN

80% of Australians will experience low back pain at some point in their life. 

We are here with you and ready to help 

Shoulder Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near Me

Shoulder Pain 

1 in 4 of us will experience shoulder pain in our lifetime. 

It is commonly associated with the muscles of the rotator cuff

One of the main risk factors is sedentary occupations like computer work. 

Bad Posture Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near Me

Bad Posture 

5 sabab paling umum tina sikep goréng nyaéta

1. Occupation- overuse telepon jeung komputer jsb.

2. Tegangan otot

3. Cilaka

4. sapatu goréng

5. Beurat

Sciatica Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near Me


Ampir 1 dina 2 jalma bakal ngalaman Sciatica di sawatara titik dina kahirupan maranéhanana

Kalayan Sciatica, éta asalna tina tengah tonggong handap sareng sering dibarengan ku nyeri deui handap.

Headache Pain Relief- Chiropractor Near Me


Ampir 3 dina 4 jalma taun ka tukang ngalaman nyeri sirah.

Migrain dibagi ku 1 dina 3 jalma anu nyeri sirah.

Biaya pikeun urang Australia unggal taun langkung ti 35 Milyar.

Green Abstract

Why Patients Choose


Bad posture help with Chiropractic online- STAND CORRECTED- Health Wise Chiropractic

Online Chiropractic 

Only our patients have access to over 30 Online classes with stretches and advice to move and feel better.

Ranging from Headaches, low back pain and posture Correction

Low back and Hip Pain relief Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury Melton Strathtulloh
1 download our app

Download Our App

You will get access to 

- Our Exclusive online program 

- Easy make online appointments 

- over 450 health blogs to help you heal and move better 

Download our app Health Wise
Chiropractic wellness membership prices health wise chiropractic

Wellness Memberships

Affordable Care Plans with 2 exclusive options 

Chiropractic Care or 

Massage and Chiropractic care

Prices Health Wise Chiropractic Fees
Chiropractor Fees Sunbury

Making Care Affordable

We want to make healthcare accessable 

That is why we have the most affordable care and created our EXCLUSIVE wellness memberships 

Massage Fees Sunbury
Massage Chairs at Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury

Massage Chairs 

Whilst you await for your magical appointment

Health Wise Chiropractic - Offering Free Massage chairs! Chiropractor Bundoora  Chiropract
Free Posture Scan Sunbury

Free Posture Assessment

Trying new things can be fun and scary. To make things easy , we offer a quick posture assessment so you can see how good or bad your muscle and spinal hygiene is.

Free posture Scan Sunbury

Get in Touch 



3/21 Dornoch Drive Sunbury 

131 Wembley Ave Strathtulloh (Melton)

Opening Hours

Mon- 9.30am - 7.00pm

Tues- 9.30am - 8.00pm

Wed- 9.30am - 7.00pm

Thurs-9.30am - 8.00pm 

Fri- 9.30am - 7.00pmv

Sat -8.00am - Lunch

Sun- For Emergency 


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