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Headache Relief @ Your Local Chiropractor

What are Headaches 

The top 3 Headaches are


Tension Headaches 

Medication-induced Headaches 

75% of MIGRAINE patients experience neck pain, stiffness, muscle tension, and jaw problems 

TENSION HEADACHES are from misalignments in the spine, and tight neck muscles, the irritated nerves send signals to the head and cause a tension headache.

Headaches can affect up to 80% of teenagers ( due to poor posture, more than 30 minutes of screen time, and sitting over 6 hours a day)

Another common headache is a cervicogenic Headache that has upper neck pain, one-sided pain that is nonthrobbing 

How our Chiropractic Team can help you: 

At Health Wise Chiropractic expect the following for the treatment of your Headaches.

An initial assessment- We look at your posture with our posture scan technology, check the spine and the joints, and see if the muscles are tight or weak. 

Then we Adjust the fixated joints in the body and fix the tight muscles with our trigger point therapy and massage techniques. 

Want more information? We have over 400 published health blogs AND CHIROPRACTIC ONLINE which has over 20 joint muscle and spinal conditions, what each of them is, nutrition advice, AND muscle stretch to get you able to STAND CORRECTED. 


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