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Headache Relief 


Shoulder Motion


Low Back Pain 

Acro Yoga Boat Pose

Posture Correction

Melton Chiropractor

Καλωσορίσατε στη Χειροπρακτική Κλινική Sunbury

Ο τοπικός χειροπράκτης σας!

Why we want to help your Posture:

Poor Posture Can Lead

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❌Lack of energy- Our brains account for 20% of our daily energy expenditure, and bad posture drains the brain's energy leading to a lack of focus, motivation, and energy - Sound familiar?

❌Digestive issues- Office workers and people who sit for a long time driving are prone to having bad posture leading to digestive issues as the bad posture can compress the organs 

We are here to make your journey as easy as possible by offering:

Lets Make Health Care Affordable


✅ Claim your health insurance on the day with our HICAPS Machine- less hassle for you means more time to go do those stretches!


✅ $57 for a standard consultation (under the recommended price set by Medicare, because we are here with you in this cost-of-living era.)


✅ Booking Online 24-7 because life is hectic and you need flexibility!

Why we need to help your posture 

Poor Posture Can Lead to 

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❌Having your muscles in a compromising position leads to poor sleep, tossing and turning, and being unable to find a comfortable position, does this happen to you?

❌Our Spines are built to absorb shock.  Having bad posture can lead to degeneration and disc problems, the last thing you want to do is fork out thousands on preventable surgery

We are here to make your journey as easy as possible by offering:

lets Make Health Care Accessible 


✅$20 off your 10th visit - Who doesn’t love a rewards program ?!?


✅Chronic Pain/ Bad posture? Consider our wellness memberships that give you weekly or fortnightly care at over 20% discount- why live with pain when you can get relief?

✅NO GAP Chiropractic care for Medicare, TAC, Workcover, or Department of Veteran Affairs patients- We take the hassle of doing claims and complete them for you.

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Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


Wellness Memberships


Bulk Billing 

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9 Λόγοι για να δείτε έναν Χειροπράκτη

Back Pain Treatment


Effective Treatment

✅25% of Australians suffer Low Back Pain on any day- Chiropractic Manual therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of low back pain

Neck Pain Relief Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury and Bundoora, Chiropractor Bundoora  Chi

Neck Pain

Lets help your neck

✅Neck pain often leads to an average of 11 days a year lost at work-

Image by Joyce Hankins

Move Better

Improve Your Spinal Hygiene

✅The spinal column is the center of human motion!

A better Spine leads to more 

Back Massage

Back Pain

Low Back Pain

✅Back pain is the leading cause of disability globally - more than 540 Million people are affected with their daily activities from putting socks on, putting dishes away, walking around the shops, and sitting to do their office job

Weight Trainer

Safety 1st

Effective Care

Providing care that is SAFE for your improvement in spinal and muscle hygiene. 

Spinal Hygiene Means Having Good Posture

Affordable Solutions

Pain Relief 

✅92% of Health care costs were lower for health members whose pain was managed by Chiropractic care ( now that's a bargain if I saw one!)

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