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Plantar fasciitis Foot Pain Online Workshop

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Pressed for time? Want a cost effective way of seeing a Chiropractor that doesn’t involve going to their office? Try our Health workshops- STAND CORRECTED Our exclusive online health workshop about feet problems, where we go through - What is a plantar fasciitis - What got you here - What to avoid - What to do to stop it coming back - Nutrition advice - Rehab and Stretching exercises Bad posture can lead to Headaches, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica and even things you probably didn’t realise like incontinence, heartburn, slowed digestion and problems breathing With 50% of Australia suffering Back pain last month and neck and low back pain being the largest causes of pain and disability WORLDWIDE, our 20+ health workshops are our way of helping YOU get to a better health point in your health journey and getting to a point of being able to STAND CORRECTED

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