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Dizziness/ Vertigo, What is it? Can Health Wise Chiropractic help?

Dizziness is the sensation that you are spinning OR that your surroundings are spinning 

There are many causes and one of the main things we can do as Chiropractors if you have Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo(BPPV) is to help the fluid in the inner ear.  One of the main symptoms of BPPV is when people look up they get suddenly dizzy or when they get out of bed 

What Can Health Wise Chiropractic do to help?

There are specific techniques we can do to try and reposition the inner ear problems as well as looking to the spine for any spinal misalignments and associated muscle problems 

a take home exercise would be similar to the picture below to help the inner ear and in turn help the vertigo/dizziness. 

If you want more information. Please call Health Wise Chiropractic 03 9467 7889 or book online to see one of our Chiropractors in Sunbury or Bundoora Today!

Could you get relief from Vertigo at Health Wise Chiropractic?
Could you get relief from Vertigo at Health Wise Chiropractic?

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