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Stand Corrected +Upper Back and Shoulder Pain Help

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Each month we give you stretches to get the upper back moving, the more movement we do, the less pain and limitations of functions we can experience Upper back pain is usually caused by repetitive or prolonged bending, twisting, sitting, too much computer and phone time. Many people with back pain have an increase in their back curve which leads to an abnormal force onto the spine and leads to sudden pain, which can lead to degeneration overtime in the spine. Human movement is dependent on the amount of range of motion available in our synovial joints Limitations in ROM can be from joints and muscles We go to the Chiropractor to help our joints, and these stretches will help your muscles. Tight muscles limit our range of motion and can create muscle imbalance When we stretchy we increase the length of the muscle . Stretching of the muscle applies tension to other structures such as the joint capsule and the fascia The common aims of stretching are: improve joint range of motion (flexibility) Decrease muscle tension Improve circulation Relieve muscle pain Prevent injury Improve athletic performance Have you tried stretching in the past and got no results ? Lets look at what a good stretching protocol entails We have 2 types of stretching as an option, beginner and advanced. beginning stretches last up to 15 seconds Advanced lasts up to 30 seconds Most research suggests up to 30 seconds for a stretch.

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