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8 Weeks Posture Improvement Online Program

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Bad Posture has been linked to Headaches, shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica, breathing problems and feeling lethargic. Here at Health Wise Chiropractic we want to get people moving better and Standing Corrected. Get started with our online stand corrected stretch program. There are several muscles that are weakened like The Deep need flexors Rhomboids Levator Scap Abdominals 3 Gluteal Muscles There are also several muscles that are tight in bad posture Suboccipitals Upper traps Levator scraps Pec muscles Erector Spinaes Rec Fem Iliopsoas Adductors Piriformis QL 8 weeks can get you to an improved posture, help re align the muscles and joint that may have been over stretched or tightened for years.

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