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We have a wide range of pillows from Therapeutic Pillows 

We find most of our patients love the Complete Sleeprrr range as they have inserts to make your pillow customised for you! 

Memory Foam RRP $95.00 Our Price $70.00

Memory Foam Medium Density RRP $95.00 Our Price $70.00

Traditional Foam RRP $75.00 Our Price $60.00

Memory Foam with Cooling Gel RRP $119.00 Our Price $80.00

Therapeutic Pillow Now At Healt Wise Chiropractic Sunbury and Bundoora
Dr Graeme Massager Now At Health Wise Chiropractic Sunbury and Bundoora

Another product our patients love is our take home massagers 

We use these massagers on our patients all the time and now you can buy one and take them home with you! 

Dr Graeme Massagers our great to use whilst relaxing and watching some netflix and you can massager your tight calves, your shoulders or even your lower back

RRP $99.95 Our Price $70.0. 


We have been using this natural cream for relaxing muscles for years in our clinics, and now we have some take home tubes for you! 

60g RRP $16.95 Our price $12.95
120g RRP $24.94 Our Price $19.95
250g RRP 44.95 Our Price $34.95

FisioCrem Now Available at Health Wise Chiropractic in Sunbury And Bundoora